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Divine Love Spiritualty now comes under the umbrella of the Religion of Feelings

The Religion of Feelings


New Book: Sage, and the Healing Angels of Light

Free Book

Sage, 13 years old, heals with her angels whilst revealing how we can heal ourselves through our feelings.

It’s my easiest introductory book to Divine Love Spirituality, which sheds light on how our guardian angels work with us, as well as how we can uncover the truth of ourselves through our feelings. (Follow the link above and scroll down my free books page to Novels)

New Divine Love Spirituality blog – Is it Spiritual Nonsense?

I’ve started a new blog: Is it Spiritual Nonsense? in which I critically comment on spiritual and religious articles on the Internet together with adding further information and revelation from Divine Love Spirituality.

What is our spiritual quest?

It’s not what you think.  It’s to uncover the truth of your childhood.  And to heal all your pain and suffering that might have resulted from not being loved as truly and fully as you needed to be when coming into being.  That’s the first stage of becoming ‘Enlightened’ – enlightened to the wrongness that you are because of the wrongness inflicted upon you by your parents.  Any other so-called spiritual quest is only a fantasy and will result in you feeling very let down when it comes time to give up your delusion.  As to what your spiritual life might be like once you have healed your Childhood Repression… something to look forward to.

Divine Love Spirituality – a brief summation

Dear reader,

In case you don’t like to read too much, I’ve tried to put Divine Love Spirituality as concisely as I can.  So for what it’s worth, this is how I see things.

Divine Love Spirituality: Using your feelings to uncover the truth of yourself; and longing to God for the Divine Love.

Our Problem:

Humanity is all wrong.  We all exist in a state of rebellion.  We all live using our minds to control ourselves, each other and nature.  And we do this by denying many of our true feelings, and in particular our bad feelings.

All the existing religious and spiritual systems have been evolved within this feeling-denial, so they are all ways of trying to make ourselves feel better whilst keeping all the bad feelings – all the bad feelings we still feel deep down inside us that we suffered through our early childhood – out of sight.  So all the Eastern ways: meditation, selflessness, reincarnation, mantras, following guru, enlightenment, striving for nirvana, are all ways to stop yourself feeling bad – to help you transcend your bad feelings, rising above them, which is all denying them.  And the Western Christian religions are no different only using Jesus and God to help deny them.  And it’s the same for the Muslims.  And then it’s also the same with all the alternative New Age stuff: positive thinking, emotional clearing, raising your vibration, all the self-help therapies, regular therapy – again all yet more ways to keep all the bad stuff buried.  So they are all different ways of keeping your mind in control of your feelings.

The Remedy:

Divine Love Spirituality goes against all of this, does the very opposite, it all being about fully allowing yourself to feel and express ALL your feelings, and in particular all the bad ones.  So when you feel bad, to allow yourself to be in and fully feel that bad feeling, to not try and push it aside or block it out or override it.  To not pretend you’re feeling good when really you’re feeling bad.

So it begins by identifying your feelings, acknowledging that you are feeling that way, and understanding that it’s okay and good to feel however you are feeling – so accept you are feeling this way.  Then to try and express the emotion and feeling, either speaking it out to God, to a friend, or writing about it, but not just keeping it in – getting it out somehow.  It’s all got to come out, otherwise it just keeps making us sick and feeling even worse.

Then the next main part is: wanting with all your being, all your will, all your heart, all your soul, to know and see and understand the TRUTH of the feelings you are feeling.  This is the spiritual part to it.  If you don’t want to know the truth of what you are feeling, then you can express your feelings all day long, even drowning in them, and yet nothing will happen, you’ll just keep feeling bad.  So the idea is to uncover the truth of ourselves through our feelings.  So we use our feelings to get to know ourselves.  So we long for the truth as we’re identifying, accepting and expressing our feelings.  You make a determined effort to want to know the truth you are feeling.  And you can ask God to help you see the truth of your feelings, through your feelings, and NOT with your mind.  So it’s all feelings.

And if you want to relate to your feelings this way, looking to them to show you the truth that God and your soul want you to see about yourself, then in time as you focus on and allow yourself to accept and go with your bad feelings, you’ll work your way back into all your repressed and deeply buried childhood feelings.  So it’s a form of self-therapy, true self-love, full unconditional self-acceptance, and it can be gruelling if you want to fully commit yourself to the process.  However as far as I’m concerned, and from all I’ve been through in my own healing, it’s the only way to heal ourselves of our feeling denial; of our mind having control over ourselves.  And to become in the end, once all our Childhood Repression is out of us, truly loving and happy.

Then the final part, which you do whenever you please, is developing a personal relationship with God by longing directly to God for Their Love, which is the Divine Love.  (I relate to God as both my Heavenly Parents, I speak with my Mother and Father, individually and together.  We can long to God for Divine Love however we relate to God.  I started out longing to the Creator for His Divine Love, but as my relationship with God has evolved, now I love God as two separate Personalities – my true Parents, the parents of my soul: my Mother and Father.)

Our human love and that of nature is natural love.  Divine Love is something entirely from God, but we have to go to God and ask Them for it.  So we have to long with our feelings to Them for it.  And if you do, you can feel it actually coming into your heart and soul as They love you.  Sit quietly… or when you’re in bed… or out walking – anytime you feel, and open your heart to God and tell Them you want Their Divine Love in your heart and soul.  Then Long to Them, ask Them, yearn to Them with all your feelings of really wanting Their Love and for Them to love you: to please Mother and Father fill my soul with Your Divine Love.  Then once you’ve longed, just let go and see if you can feel the Love coming into you.  It will be a nice subtle feeling of warmth coming around you and then actually moving into you, even as if in some way you are sort of breathing it into yourself.

So that’s it – Divine Love Spirituality.

Longing for God’s Divine Love will take you all the way to God, so one day, so it’s said, you will actually meet your Mother and Father on Paradise.  It’s what all our souls are longing for if we acknowledge that inner desire and feeling that we all want to be at-one with God.  And so it’s by longing for and receiving the Divine Love into our soul that we achieve that.

So these are three different ways we can choose to live life, remembering that we’re all starting off in the negative; so, anti God, anti Love, anti Truth, anti our feelings, so anti our self.

1.  If you want you can just do your healing without including the Divine Love – Feeling-Healing.  If you only do your Feeling-Healing, so without God’s Love, as you’re not wanting to personalise your relationship with God, you will be limited in your spiritual growth to the first seven mansion worlds.  However you will perfect your natural love by healing your rebellious state and enjoy a loving and happy natural life.  But not a divine one.

2.  If you want to go the whole way, which I call Soul-Healing (which is inclusive of feeling-healing), you will need to do your healing and long for the Divine Love.  And by living this way you will move up through all the levels, worlds and spheres to Paradise.  We can start our ascension of truth now in flesh, carrying it on in our spirit lives.  And this will be a divine life once you’ve finished your healing.

3. If you don’t do anything, just being as you are, and looking to any of the existing religious and spiritual mind-based systems, so choosing to keep on living with your mind in control of your feelings, you’ll be limited in your spiritual growth to just three mansion worlds, those being where everyone who wants to remain in rebellion against themselves by denying their bad feelings, the Truth, and God, can live.  These mansion worlds being where you’ll go after you die.

So in conclusion, if you want to live true to yourself and your soul; live the highest spiritual life you can, then there are two things to do.

1. Long for the Divine Love.

2. Do your Soul-Healing.

And that really is it.  That will take care of everything.


These are some of my websites:

This is a relatively brief introductory website for Divine Love Spirituality.

This is my main site Divine Love Spirituality with all my free books on healing and speaking with spirits.  Lots of reading.

And if you’d like some bed time reading: Ann and Terry are an example of doing ones feeling-healing (free book pdf).  Speaking with Mary Magdalene and Jesus are my ongoing conversations with Mary and Jesus about it all (free books pdf’s).

And this is my current forum.

And this thread contains some of Samantha’s posts on the forum which gives a good example of someone doing their soul-healing by longing for the truth of their feelings and longing for the Divine Love.  She is currently working deep into her unloving relationship with her parents.


Divine Love Spirituality forum

I’ve started a Divine Love Spirituality forum.  I am intending it to be a continuation of my DLS website and Mary M and Jesus’ blog, as I’ll be continuing to ask them questions and inviting members to do the same.

Also included is a Childhood Repression forum. A place to discuss CR more and express ones feeling-healing and soul-healing,

Should you feel like visiting you are most welcome, and please feel free to become involved.


Mary Magdalene and Jesus finish their revelation to humanity

Mary Magdalene and Jesus say they have now completed their revelation to us.  It began as we know all those years ago, then Jesus re-revealed the essential truths to us through the Padgett Messages, and now both he and Mary have summed it all up for us.  They say they have now finished their relationship with us, and we are free to get on with healing our negative state as the new spiritual age dawns.

Read all they say: Speaking with Mary Magdalene and Jesus

The Religion of Feelings

It’s the only way we’ll save ourselves.  And it’s what we’ve been trying to avoid for all these years.  And it’s been right under our noses – right within ourselves.  It’s our only way out of the mess and shit we’re in.  And as bizarre as it sounds, The Religion of Feelings, is all we’ve got left, because all the rest is only more of the same.

Mary Magdalene and Jesus tell us how we can live our own personal religion of feeling; how we can heal our self- and feeling-denial.  And how we can use our feelings to uncover the truth of ourselves.  And how by living true to our feelings, so too will we be living true to our own soul – ourselves – and also true to God.